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Brophy Excavation is a family-operated company with a combined 15+ years of experience in demolition, excavating, shoring and backfill.  We are proud to be WBE and DBE certified.  At Brophy, we're not just breaking ground, we're breaking barriers! Licensed, Bonded & Insured.

Brophy Excavation is operated by Bernie Mc Nally along with two of her sons, Tom and Fin Brophy. Through sheer determination, guts, and a top of mind desire to provide customers with the best possible experience, Brophy Excavation has quickly established itself as one of Chicago's most notable and fastest growing excavation and demolition companies in the Chicagoland area. 

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Bernie  Mc Nally,  President

Tom Brophy, Demolition Specialist

Fin Brophy, Excavation Specialist



Bernie’s hands-on experience in the field, combined with her business and financial acumen, makes her a formidable force in Chicago’s demolition and excavation sector.  From construction management and heavy equipment operations to residential and commercial property management, business development and contract negotiations, her practical and professional background have been instrumental in garnering the trusted reputation Brophy Excavation has today.​ 


Additionally, Bernie's ability to relate to the needs of Chicago's real-estate developers and property owners has allowed Brophy Excavation to double its annual growth by word-of-mouth alone for our quality work and our good old-fashioned personalized service.




The brothers have years of extensive experience in demolition, excavation, and shoring techniques. Their stint working in the mines in Australia, gave them an excellent foundation for keeping public safety and the safety of their crew in the forefront of any job. Whether it's prepping a residential lot, demolishing a commercial property, or preparing your site for vertical construction, the Brophy brothers and their team deliver. Their meticulous equipment operations and obsessive attention to detail, make for a safer and quicker demolition and a cleaner excavation and grading. 

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Brophy Excavation President Bernie Mc Nally, has shown it's possible for women to succeed in the Construction field. Here's Bernie driving Roland's Komatsu HD465 off-road hauler.  We're breaking ground, and breaking barriers!

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