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PERMITS - We Hear You!

If you've ever had to stand in line for hours at City Hall or been on the verge of pulling your last hair out after being transferred to three different phone lines, we hear you loud and clear!


Let's face it, the permit process is downright tedious and eats up a lot of time. We understand just how valuable your time is, and that's why we make the process easy for you. At Brophy Excavation, we have dedicated staff to pull all the necessary permits required by the City of Chicago. In addition to filing your permits for you, we make sure to notify the appropriate utility companies that may be affected by the demolition. If needed, this ensures: shut off or capping of all electric, gas, water, steam, sewer, and other service lines.   


City of Chicago departments we work with:


Dept. of Buildings

Dept of Public Health

Dept. of Housing

Dept. of Transportation

Streets & Sanitation

Rodent Control

    We can you help with:

  • Wrecking (Demo) Permit - complex & ordinary

  • Sewer Permit

  • Water Cut & Seal, B-Permit

  • Right-of-Way requests

  • Digger

  • Parking Restrictions

  • Notice of Intent to Demolish

  • Excavation Certificate

  • Rodent Inspections

  • Asbestos Inspections

  • Lead Inspections - new requirement


  • Hydrant Use Permit

  • Dust Mitigation Plan - new requirement

  • Safety Plan for complex demolitions

  • People’s Gas disconnect

  • Alderman & Neighbor Excavation Notifications

  • More