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Brophy Excavation is a full-service demolition and excavation company with a combined 15+ years of experience in the demolition sector. We provide reliable, safe, and cost-effective demolition, excavation, interior demolition, shoring and backfill services to general contractors, private builders, and real-estate developers in the Chicagoland area.

Experts in:  Residential and Commercial wreckingemergency demolitions and city demo permitting.


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Experience matters when knocking city buildings in tight urban, spaces. Brophy Excavation are trusted experts in urban dwelling demolitions and commercial spaces.

Claws, Buckets, Shovels, Scoops and Sand!  Excavation may seem like fun, but it's serious business and requires an expert at reading plans, understanding the limitations & capabilities of heavy equipment, using finesse in tight urban spaces, knowing the dangers of soil collapse and much more. 

Shoring is the process of supporting a structure in order to prevent collapse so that construction can proceed. 

Shoring can also provide temporary support until the concrete becomes hard and achieves the desired strength to support loads. 





Site Grading is the process of using heavy machinery to level the earth to ensure an even base, or specified slope, in preparation of a foundation for the construction of a residential or commercial property. 






There are approximately 15-18 separate documents that need to be submitted to the city for a wrecking permit -- that's a lot of time and manpower.  But don't sweat it, at Brophy we have a staff dedicated to pulling permits for you. 





Backfilling is an essential process of excavation work.  The backfill process requires experience and skill in heavy equipment as well as knowledge of the specifications, contract requirements, and soil conditions.

"We have worked with Brophy Excavation on our last three construction projects and they consistently exceed our expectations. Brophy’s team takes ownership of the process and keeps projects moving forward. As the first contractor on a project, it is vital to have a demolition and excavation contractor we can depend on to start projects on time. Their operators and field staff are true professionals and their experience is evident. Brophy Excavation has delivered time and time again.  ICM Properties

"We, Chicago Custom Home Builders, have worked with Brophy Excavation on multiple projects within the Chicagoland area over the past decade and have always been delighted with their work and how they work alongside us. Brophy Excavation have always shown a professional manner in how they get their work done. We have completed many projects with Brophy and all have gone smoothly and effortlessly. They are well organized from their office to their site workers. We would highly recommend Brophy Excavation for any demo or excavating projects."


David Freeley, CFO​ - Chicago Custom Home Builders

They demolished my worksite and the process was amazingly easy from start to finish. They were full services and we didn’t have to do anything. I would highly recommend them!! Professional and on time.

N. Beauvoir, Property Owner

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