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Tom Brophy

Demolition specialist Tom Brophy's reputation as an expert in the field of demolition, extends beyond Brophy Excavation. Tom is highly skilled in the art of knocking buildings in tight urban spaces, and handling emergency demolitions where safety is the utmost concern.  Our demo team is supervised by Tom Brophy and adhere to city codes and OSHA safety compliance while in the field and operating heavy equipment. 


Why Demolition?

Urban structures degrade after time. Once these structures become weak they have the potential to collapse completely or fall into the building next to it possibly causing bodily and structural damage  With lot sizes being what they are in the city, a falling building can end up costing you a lot in the long run. Consulting with a reputable demolition and excavation company will show you how demolition can actually be in your best interest. At Brophy Excavation we can take you through the whole process.

Neighborhood development - Old, dilapidated buildings that are no longer in use unnecessarily occupy prime real estate space, which hampers the development of the entire area. Building a new more modern structure enhances the whole community and allows for growth as more housing is needed.

Faulty and decrepit foundation - Weak foundations due to poor planning or more often the degrading of materials overtime, can lead to all kinds of problems; the most serious of which is your property collapsing.  Besides a potential lawsuit, a leaning or totally collapsed building can lead to costly emergency demolitions that can happen at any hour of the day or night. Trust us, we know!

Environmental safety - Old and/or abandoned structures can contain asbestos, mold, chemicals (such as solvents left from a previous business), termites and rodents to name a few hazards. If left alone on its own the problem can become too severe for an exterminator and the best thing to do is call in a demolition team.  Environmental policies are taken seriously by the City of Chicago, and fines can be hefty. 

Increase market value of your lot - For residential properties in particular, a new home can greatly increase your property value -- demolition can be an especially smart choice if you're looking to sell your lot. A modern home or business is a benefit to the community economically but also helps make a neighborhood more inviting for families.


Check out the Brophy brothers in action as they show-off their expert skills on Roland Komatsus

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